Write Once,
Share Everywhere.
Even Your Own Website.

Control your content.

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    Get the message everywhere.

    Postcard is a mobile app integrated with all major social networks.

    Write your message once and share it everywhere in seconds.

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    Even send messages to your website.

    Don't leave your homepage out in the cold. Send messages to your own website using the Custom Network feature.

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    The 'Host' feature directs your traffic.

    If you're interested in linking your networks to the content on another social media site, this feature is your answer.

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    Get control of your content.

    Hosting gives you the power to choose where your content lives and how it looks without comprimises to message length or media type.

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    A developer friendly social media solution

    Postcard for iOS is well documented, so any developer can use the app to send messages to their server. Read the docs for more info.

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    WordPress Plugin available

    Setup is fast and easy. Just install the plugin, add your website to the app and start posting.

    Insert feeds as pages, shortcode embeds or widgets without a single line of code.

In the Press

  • Postcard gives you that post-by-post control about where and how your message should be shared.

    - Sarah Perez

  • [Postcard] takes out all the effort when trying to consolidate one's social profile.

    - Jennifer Allen

  • Postcard is that rare breed of app that truly makes life easier for social networking junkies.

    - J.R. Bookwalter

Android and desktop support are on the way